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Our Techniques

Mandurah Chiropractic utilises the most common and popular orthodox techniques taught in Universities around the world to correct the vertebral subluxations detected in your spine.

Dr. Minns (Chiropractor) and the team at Mandurah Chiropractic have attended numerous seminars and conferences around the world to remain current with techniques, practice management, and the latest scientific research.

While the number of techniques available are many and varied the key is to find the technique that suits the patient, not the patient that suits the technique.

Therefore after careful consideration of your needs Dr. Minns (Chiropractor) will discuss with you what the best technique is for you and what will get the fastest results.

If you have had experience before with a certain technique please discuss this with Dr. Minns (Chiropractor).

The techniques utilised at Mandurah Chiropractic are:

  • Mechanical Spinal Adjusting (Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson Drop Piece etc)
  • Activator Instrument
  • Mechanical Blocking and SOT
  • Soft Tissue Therapy

Are these techniques suitable for everyone?

Each person has their own specific needs and Dr. Minns (Chiropractor) will take this into account when deciding with you what is the best technique for you.

When adjusting babies Dr. Minns (Chiropractor) utilises a ‘finger pressure’ technique that while achieving the goal of correcting the subluxations, it barely raises a whimper. In some cases the baby doesn’t even wake! (Dr. Minns (Chiropractor) has been adjusting his own children since they were a few days old)

So whether you are less than a day old or approaching 100 years old, Dr. Minns (Chiropractor) is able to adapt the technique utilising passive low amplitude low thrust adjustments to suit you. Remember, we find the technique to suit the patient not the patient to suit the technique!

In assisting with the diagnosis of your presentation, we utilise a new high-tech outcome assessment instrument that measures the electrical current of the muscles and the temperature differences surrounding the spine.

This state of the art technology is called the Insight Millennium Subluxation Station.

This technology gives you a picture of the health of your nervous system.

This is an example of two of the three scans you shall receive on your first visit.

It will help us to objectively…

  • Detect areas of nerve disturbance
  • Document and monitor your results
  • Deliver the appropriate chiropractic care

The Subluxation Station features three non-invasive tests that will help us characterize abnormal activity surrounding your spine. This activity can be associated with a subluxation or other forms of spinal dysfunction.

Your body can be malfunctioning for months, even years, before you experience any symptoms, and often times subluxations do not cause any pain or discomfort until they have progressed to an advanced stage.

Since symptoms are always the last to show and the first to go, it is important to monitor the function of your nervous system which is why we utilise the Insight Millennium Subluxation Station.

If chiropractic sounds promising, we encourage you to have a firsthand experience in our Mandurah practice. It’s easy to get started. Call Mandurah Chiropractic today.

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