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Ongoing Care at Mandurah Chiropractic

Back adjustmentAs most spinal problems develop well before the onset of symptoms – you will learn more about this in your first two visits – ongoing care is normally required for most people. Your schedule of care will be specifically made for you and your presenting complaint. Initially, visits can be several a week but as you improve this schedule will be decreased. Some people just prefer symptomatic relief and while that is their choice it is important to inform Dr Minns of your intentions so a more appropriate management plan can be recommended.

The keeping of the recommended schedule is imperative to a good result. We ask patients if they need to reschedule their appointments to ideally provide us with 12 hours notice. We appreciate this, of course, may not always be possible but do appreciate it anyway. We also ask if rescheduling is absolutely necessary, the appointment be rescheduled within 24 hours. The reason for this is to maintain the momentum of treatment, Adjusting the spine is very time sensitive and to either reschedule beyond 24 hours or miss an appointment completely, will effect the result. Do you exercise once a week and expect to lose weight or get fit? Of course not! The same applies to your chiropractic care.

Best Results

After a certain number of visits, a Progress Examination is performed. This consists of a further examination, similar to what you had on your first visit, and scans. No further x-rays are taken and there is no additional charge other than your normal adjustment fee. This will help Dr Minns monitor your progress and make further recommendations for care if necessary. By this stage, patients have seen the results and are keen to continue (normally at a reduced frequency but that depends on each individual case) to get the best results possible.

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