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New Patients at Mandurah Chiropractic

Welcoming New Chiropractic Patients in Mandurah

At Mandurah Chiropractic, our mission is to provide the best in spinal health care and education. With nearly 40 years of chiropractic experience, we want to give our patients the best opportunity not just to resolve their symptoms but improve their overall health and wellness.

The First Visit

When you arrive at our practice, you will be welcomed by one of our friendly staff into our state-of-the-art practice. Once you have completed your health history questionnaire, you will soon be seen by either Dr Minns or Dr Grace.

They will conduct a thorough consultation, discussing your health history as well as your current problems and any goals that you may have. A complete chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological examination will be performed to determine if chiropractic will be beneficial. Thermal and surface electromyographic scans will be taken as well.

If x-rays are necessary, the chiropractor will discuss this with you at this time. Once all the information is collected, your next appointment, the Report of Findings, will be scheduled. Please allow 45 minutes for your first visit – your children are more than welcome, and we also have baby facilities.

Your Second Visit & Report of Findings

At this second visit, you will be provided with a summary of the findings from your first visit. Management plans will be outlined and discussed.

You will receive information about what the cause of your pain and discomfort is, as well as how you can assist in its management and what possible outcomes you can expect from receiving adjustments. You will then receive an adjustment.

The chiropractor will outline your appointment schedule. It’s recommended to make those appointments with our staff immediately following this appointment. Early morning appointments and after-school appointments are the most popular, so it’s always best to book well in advance to secure your preferred times.

Continued Wellness Care

Spinal problems often occur long before symptoms appear. As a result, ongoing care is normally required for most people. Your schedule for adjustments will be customised to suit your specific needs. You may start with a few weekly appointments, which will decrease over time as your healing progresses.

After a certain number of appointments, a Progress Examination is performed. This consists of a further examination, similar to what you had on your first visit, including scans. This will help our team monitor your progress and make further recommendations for care if necessary.

We Can’t Wait to Meet You

Whether you are one of our treasured seniors in the community, a busy professional who spends a lot of time behind the computer or a mum to young children, we are here for you. We treat people of all ages and can’t wait to welcome you to our office. Contact us today to make an appointment!

New Patients at Mandurah Chiropractic | (08) 9535 3935