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Frequently Asked Questions at Mandurah Chiropractic

Will it hurt?

Question marksAdjusting the spine is not normally painful – it is similar to when your ankle cracks or a finger cracks – you feel it, but it doesn’t hurt. The sound from adjusting the spine is gas either moving around within the joint or being released quickly from the joint space giving the familiar popping sound. It is not required for a successful adjustment but we all like to hear it! The techniques utilised by Dr Minns are low force and relatively gentle. If you are not keen on a manual approach, Dr Minns will adapt the technique to your needs. We can even adjust adults like we adjust babies! It is really that gentle.

Will I have to go the rest of my life?

The simple answer to that is no! It is always the patient’s choice as to how much, how often and how long they receive care. Why then do chiropractors keep recommending ongoing care? The answer to that lies in what we are constantly doing to our spines. Every day we are placing our spines under significant stress loads whether it be by digging a trench, doing housework, or sitting at a desk. To counter the effects of this and prevent deterioration of our spinal health and end up where we began, Dr Minns will always recommend a checkup visit as a way of maintaining your spinal health, much like your dentist or GP does. Good health is not a destination that we arrive at and can ignore it for the rest of our lives. It is a journey that we must continue to improve and work at. Much like exercise and diet, good spinal health needs our ongoing attention.

How much will it cost?

That is a very difficult to answer as it will vary from individual to individual. Once Dr Minns has completed his examination, he will be in a better place to answer that question. Keep in mind though, estimating how many visits and how much it costs is just that, an estimation. What you do and how well you adhere to the recommended schedule of care will always effect the result and therefore ultimately the cost. We find those who follow the recommendations, including postural advice, exercises, and watch their stress levels get a far better result in a shorter period of time than those who don’t. Our aim is to make your recovery as quick and as efficient as possible therefore minimising cost.

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Our purpose at the clinic is to provide a pleasant environment with outstanding spinal health care and education. We have found over the past 30 years this provides the best possible outcome with patients who not only continue their path with us for better health but refer others in to enjoy the experience as well.

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